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lol Video Game war

2007-11-06 21:08:18 by VitorAraujo

True story btw

Me: *picks up Nintendo Power at the school library*
Kid: Hey, can I see that?
Me: uh sure
Kid: Wow, that new Sonic Riders looks like it's gonna be the shit.
Me: Meh, Sonic's been going through a shithole lately, I'm not that exited.
Kid: What the fuck? You don't like Sonic?
Me: I like the old games, to me the last good Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2, also Sonic has been acting gay with his whole "alright, we can do this together" shit.
Kid: Uhm.
Me: The new Zelda game looks cool.
Me: What?
Kid: Zelda games are boring man, it's all like "ooh I got a sword so I'll hit stuff and save a princess"
Me: (sarcastic) Wow, that has got to be the best criticism I ever heard.
Kid: What the fuck is this? Guitar Hero for Wii!? Damn, such a great console being ruined with such a terrible game.
Me: What the fuck? Guitar Hero is pretty much the best music game ever, besides the soundtrack is great, it's got Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N' Roses, Scorpions-
Kid: Boring, guitar is boring man, I tried to play it once, it's annoying. I'm exited about the new naruto game coming out for wii.
Me: Naruto's gay.

Later it was time for class, I left the library laughing my ass off.


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2007-11-08 01:37:41

omg god u laghed at the kid. lolololol hahahahaha


2007-11-27 10:18:47

Meh... some people wouldn't know good games even if Hideo Kojima came and beat them in the head.


2007-12-14 18:29:54

lol, that kid has no taste


2008-02-28 20:17:26

yeah! naruto is gay! anime is gay! except for dbz and yuyuhakusho everything else is queer topia!


2008-05-13 20:18:29

I wonder what's wrong with that kid. Did you ever get the Nintendo Power? =0


2008-07-21 17:23:44

i know whats not guy inuashy that show is awsome


2008-07-28 20:56:53

oh no, just another dump kid >_<


2008-08-15 21:14:19

Hi there Vitor! =D

VitorAraujo responds:

Oh shit! When did you start coming here? =D


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